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CRV is one of only three agencies chosen by PURE in Rhode Island.

PURE is dedicated to providing property & casualty insurance to successful, responsible homeowners.   PURE's focus in RI is the high-valued home with a replacement cost value of $1,000,000 and higher. As a Florida domiciled reciprocal insurance exchange, PURE is unique because it is owned by its members (policyholders). The policies are participating. This means members could receive dividends.  

Ice Bucket Challenge for co-worker

Carey, Richmond & Viking Insurance and Black Point Wealth Management joined forces to take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge at the Portsmouth home of their friend and co-worker, Ray Woishek.  Recently featured in The Newport Daily News story, Living with ALS, Woishek and his wife, Donna, watched as 30 employees of the two companies doused each other with buckets of ice water. 

Update your emergency kit and storm plans

We'd like to share this information should a severe storm approach your area. To assist in your efforts to secure your property and minimize potential damage, we have included links to a few checklists and documents that various insurance carriers have created that may prove helpful.

Use this guide as you plan for the next storm

Hurricane season is underway and we all know it only takes one storm to cause damage and devastation. We all remember the widespread impacts of Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Super Storm Sandy in 2012, which caused $75 billion in damages.

Beacon Mutual offers real-time payment plan for Rhode Island Workers Compensation clients

The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company has a new option to pay Workers Compensation premiums in a more simplified, automated process. Premium will be based on payroll data as each pay cycle is processed. This new payment option eliminates the need for a large premium down payment, will help maximize monthly cash flow and minimize the likelihood of year-end premium audit adjustments. The Pay As You Go program uploads payroll data, and the premium for each period is calculated and automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

U.S. Congress passed the Act in 2012 which calls on FEMA to make changes in the Flood Insurance program. Flood Insurance rates will increase in some areas.

Click here to read the FEMA Fact Sheet

CRV's blueblanket spots

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